Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Project Center in chennai

Project center in chennai offers you enormous amount of Engineering projects on variety of domains such as VLSI,Embedded system,Digital Signal Processing,Computer Science etc., at reasonable cost.Arudhra Innovations have done IEEE 100+ academic as well as industrial projects in last year.For students,it gives practical training to know projects on their own.We have highly experienced professionals on different fields to teach you at different levels and make you to publish works on IEEE and journals.

Codeshoppy also works on Android development,Web development,Virtualization, Java, Big data etc., with latest technologies. Our team do projects on current 2015 IEEE papers with innovative ideas and techniques.Now-a-days Students expect to do Projects be more innovative technically and our team also aims to meet their requirements.

Codeshoppy also offers more than 50 courses in the current technologies which make easy to start your career as you wish.We train these courses in the way of animated and video presentation to learn quickly with clear understanding.Our Primary aim is increasing job opportunities for students by making them to know the current technologies on what actually companies expect from students.