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Android Project Titles IEEE Ideas for Students

Android Projects 

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1 Efficient and Anonymous Mobile User Authentication Protocol Using Self-certified Public Key Cryptogr
2 EPLQ: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-based Query over Outsourced Encrypted Data
3 An Innovative Tour Recommendation System for Tourists
4 iSearch : Mobile app for searching lost person using Google Material UI design
5 Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based Mobile App
6 Fast Sharing Blood Availability Between Donar?s And Acceptor?s Through Android App Using Cloud Servi
7 iLib : Libarary Management System Mobile App
8 iJob : job Peers Traning and Exam
9 iCar : Mobile app for car pooling using bootstrap responsive design
10 Mobile app for Laundry service using bootstrap responsive design
11 Mobile app for Employee management system for monitoring and controlling process using bootstrap re
12 iTour : Mobile app for Tourism City using bootstrap responsive design
13 eCom :Mobile app for online shopping based on responsive design
14 Mobile app for Sharing Marriage Invitation using bootstrap responsive design
15 iBus : Mobile app for Bus Timing Report using bootstrap responsive design
16 iSchool : Mobile app for School Management App using bootstrap responsive design
17 Anomaly detection approach against shilling attacks in E-com site using the dynamic time interval se
18 iSports : Mobile app for Sports Events using bootstrap responsive design
19 E-services for gram panchayath
21 Mobile for Ambulance and police location based information
22 Mobile App fo BHARATH NARI for online shopping
23 Bridge between Investor and Business people
24 Android Application to Access College Activities ? Events, Placement, Student Info
25 Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
26 Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps
27 Online System Complaints & Bug Tracking System for MNC companies
28 Expert Discovery and Interactions in Mixed Service-Oriented Systems
29 Digital Vechicle - Smart Mobile App for Instant Search of Lincense, Insurance and RC Book
30 Nexus ? Mobile App for Searching contractor and worker in citys
31 Online SMART BUSINESS - i) Retailer ii) Distributor iii) Stockiest
32 PG LOCATOR for Searching PG hostel or Rental Houses
33 Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-interactive Differentially Priv
34 Agri Shop for famers
35 Farmer Information App for agirculture
36 Health Diet Online Search and proposal system
37 Smarth Health Care - like GO GREEN and ALLOPATHIC
38 Rule based Information Leveraging from Business Invoices
39 MobiGroup: Enabling Lifecycle Support to Social Activity Organization and Suggestion With Mobile Cro
40 Mobile App For Water Complaint System
41 Rescue Wings: Mobile Computing and Active Services Support for Disaster Rescue
42 Residential Management System on Material UI Design based Android App Development
43 Mobile App for Soil with suitable farming agent and distributor location
44 Survey Land Registration System App
45 Task Management App for mointoring and controlling task
46 Toll Gate App for mobile based payment
47 Leakage Detection and Risk Assessment on Privacy for Android Applications: LRPdroid
48 Veterinary Care Mobile Application
49 Hotel Mangament App for Booking, Billing, Support
50 Online Examination App for daily exam and results
51 Ticket Rasing System for companies
52 LIC Management system
53 Ladies Safety protection Mobile App
54 Image recongition based search results
55 Android Inventory Tracker
56 eDiagnostic Lab online Reporting Mobile App
57 eShop Mobile based Stock Management System
58 ecrime Identification Using Face Recognition Based Mobile App
59 ebus ? Mobile GPS Based Current Location Tracking System
60 E-Post Office System
61 Exam and Hall Ticket management Application System

Android Projects

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